HPC Cluster

The High Performance Computing Cluster (or HPC Cluster) is essentially a large cluster of computers which we use here at the DCCN to do analyses.

How to Access the HPC Cluster

If you haven’t already done so, you will first need to download EduVPN, PuTTY, and TigerVNC on the computer you are using and TIQR on your phone. You will also need to have received the Trigon Access token from the Technical Group at the DCCN.

  1. Establish Access to Trigon either via hard-wired connection or via EduVPN (instructions begin under ‘What do i need’)

  2. Use PuTTY to open a VNC Server

  3. Use PuTTY and TigerVNC to open a remote desktop

Key Benefits of Using the HPC Cluster

These computers enable running many different processes in parallel, which massively speeds up your analysis time! They also offer much greater working memory or RAM in comparison to what is often found on the average PC.

The HPC Cluster is also set up to work with High Performance Storage. By accessing the HPC Cluster, you can run analyses as though using a virtual desktop: thus, you don’t have to move or download files onto your local PC in order to use the data outside of the DCCN.

Take Home Messages
  • Using the HPC Cluster is often the best way to analyze data

  • Accessing the HPC Cluster can be easy and efficient once you know what to do