Trigon Access

In order to use many services offered by the DCCN, you must have access to Trigon. Of course the most obvious way to do this is to use a PC with a hard-wired connection from within the building, such as the PC’s in the Trainee or Instruction Rooms. However, this is also possible to do remotely.

How to Access Trigon Remotely via EduVPN

In order to access Trigon remotely, you will need a login token which has been authenticated by the Technical Group of the DCCN. Click this link for instructions on what to install, how to get your token authenticated, and how to use your token to gain access to Trigon.

Key DCCN Services Which Require Trigon Access

  • Interacting with High Performance Storage via all Data Transfer Tools

  • Using the HPC Cluster

  • Opening the DCCN portal, allowing for change in Data Access Roles and making Calendar Bookings

Take Home Messages
  • To use many DCCN services while outside of Trigon, you will need remote access

  • Receiving remote access to Trigon may take some time since you must be vetted by the Technical Group of the DCCN