Introduction to Research Data Management

Defining Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) is the practice of managing your research data: where it is stored, who has access to what files, how data is moved, and when in the timeline of your project.

Purpose of this Handbook

We created this handbook to teach you everything you need to know about RDM within the DCCN. The DCCN technical group has streamlined the process of RDM so that you can focus your time and energy on your research! However, in order to benefit from this streamlining, you have to learn about our facilities, policies tools, Workflows, and Standard Operating Procedures.

This handbook contains tutorials which will teach you how to navigate the RDM infrastructure in the DCCN so that you can run your project efficiently and in compliance with our policies.

Other Research Data Management Resources

This handbook is intended to be very practical, so we will most ignore the theoretical side of RDM. Therefore, throughout the handbook we will link you to more resources which talk about these; both at the DCCN level and the University level.

Take Home Messages
  • RDM = managing access and locations of research data over the project timeline

  • This Handbook will teach you how to best do RDM at the DCCN