Exercise 8: Analyzing Data on the HPC ClusterΒΆ

Now that we have all of the data, we will run an analysis script.

  1. Identify subjects between 1 and 10 whose data should be excluded from the analysis
  • Return to File Explorer (you should be in the /project/3010000.05/data directory)
  • Open the excluded_subjects.txt file
  1. Begin an RStudio session
  • Click on Applications and select Terminal Emulator in the dropdown menu
  • Type rstudio and push enter
  • Push OK to take the default versions of R and RStudio
  • Push OK to take the default time and memory specifications for your job
  1. Edit your Analysis File
  • Push Control and o together once RStudio has loaded
  • Double-click project on the left panel
  • Type 3010000.05 and push enter
  • Double-click results
  • Double-click firlas where firlas is your DCCN username
  • Double-click on the analysis.R file you uploaded
  • At the top of the script, change the outfile variable to /project/3010000.05/results/firlas where firlas is your DCCN username
  • On the next line, change the excluded_subjects variable to a numeric vector which includes only the subject numbers of excluded subjects (i.e. if sub-010 is exlcuded, include 10 in this vector)
  1. Select the entire document and push control and enter together to run the script
  2. Save the workspace
  • Navigate to the Environment tab at the bottom right once the script has finished running
  • Click the blue square in the Environment tab to save the workspace as, and save the workspace as RDM_Workshop_Analysis in the /project/3010000.05/results/firlas folder
  1. Disconnect