Exercise 6: Uploading with UploaderΒΆ

  1. Establish a Network Connection to Trigon (either eduVPN or hardwired)
  2. Create Experimental Data
  • Open MatLab
  • Go to the location where you unzipped RDM_Workshop Materials on your local PC
  • Open the file MakeDataUp.m (this would be a stimulus presentation program that behavioral responses)
  • Run the program
  1. Login to Uploader
  • Go to https://uploader.dccn.nl
  • Type in your DCCN username (firlas) and password in the correct fields and then push login
  1. Upload Your Data Files
  • Under the Select project field select 3010000.05
  • Under the Set subject label field insert the three numbers which have been given to you at the start of the workshop
  • For the Set session label insert 01
  • Under the Select data type field select beh
  • Open up File Explorer side-by-side the uploader window
  • Go to the folder in your C:/Users/*/Downloads folder and locate MadeUpResults.csv
  • Drag MadeUpResults.csv and drop it in the Click or drag files to this area field in uploader.
  • Push upload at the bottom right of your screen and close the window after the process has been completed