Exercise 4: Uploading to the Project Folder with CyberduckΒΆ

  1. Connect to Trigon via eduVPN or a hardwired connnection
  2. Connect to an Access Node
  • Open Cyberduck
  • Click Open Connection at the top left of the window
  • Click on the dropdown menu (which defaults to File Transfer Protocol (FTP)) and select SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • At the Server: field type in mentat001.dccn.nl
  • Enter your DCCN username (firlas@dccn.nl) and password and then click Connect at the bottom right side of the window
  1. Create an Upload Directory
  • Click on the directory field which should say /home/groupname/firlas and select /
  • Double click on the project directory
  • Double click on the 3010000.05 directory
  • Double click on the results directory
  • Locate and click on Action at the top of the window and then select New Folder on the dropdown menu
  • Type your DCCN username (firlas) in the Field and push Create
  1. Upload your files
  • You should be in the folder just created: if not navigate to that folder and select Upload at the top center of the window
  • Navigate to the Downloads folder in your local drive and double click on the unzipped RDM_Workshop Materials directory
  • Control-Click the analysis.R file in this directory push choose
  • Select the disconnect button at the top right of the window
  1. Disconnect