Exercise 3: Download Data from OpenNeuro Using Cyberduck

Determine Which Protocol You Must Use to Download the Data.

Let’s say you have found a data collection you want to analyze on OpenNeuro called Demo. Before you can go about downloading it with Cyberduck or Repocli, you must determine which protocol you must use to interact with the server. Below is a list of the Protocols required by some commonly used Open Access Repositories.

Repository OpenfMRI OpenNeuro OMEGA
Protocol AWS AWS WebDAV
  1. Establish an AWS Connection to the OpenNeuro folder you want to download
  • Open Cyberduck and push Open Connection
  • Click on the dropdown menu which defaults to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and select Amazon S3
  • Click on the dropdown for more options and copy the domain name and the dataset number, seperated by a forward slash (i.e. openneuro.org/ds004564) into the Path: field
  • In the Access Key ID: field, type anonymous
  • Click connect
  1. Download the fMRI data
  • Control-click the data you want to download (so the subject data folders and the participants.tsv file)
  • Click Action and then Download To in the dropdown
  • Select the directory you want to download the data to and then push OK