Exercise 2: Download from a Public DSC with CyberduckΒΆ

  1. Establish a Network Connection to Trigon (either eduVPN or hardwired)
  2. Login to the Radboud Data Repository
  • Open Cyberduck
  • Click Open Connection at the top left of the window
  • Click on the dropdown menu (which defaults to File Transfer Protocol (FTP)) and select WebDAV (HTTPS)
  • At the Server: field type in public.data.donders.ru.nl
  • Click the box next to Anonymous Login and then click Connect at the bottom right side of the window
  1. Download the Data Sharing Collection to Your Folder of Choice
  • Double click on the dccn directory
  • Single click on the DSC_3010000.11_518_v1 directory
  • Locate and click on Action at the top of the window and then select Download To on the dropdown menu
  • Select the folder you want to download the data to and then push Ok
  • Select the disconnect button at the top right of the window