Exercise 1: Download Data from a Private DSC with Repocli

Once you have been added to a collection, you will receive an email to the email account you used when you signed up to the Radboud Data Repository stating that you have been added. We have added you to the DSC_3010000.05_519 collection - a private DSC - so that you can get practice downloading privately shared data. You should never download private DSCs onto your personal computer to ensure that - if the researchers made a mistake - there are no chances of data leakages. We will practice downloading this DSC onto your Home Drive (replace groupname with your lab group’s name and firlas with your DCCN username)

  1. Establish a Network Connection to Trigon (either eduVPN or hardwired)
  2. Login to the Radboud Data Repostiory
  • Open TigerVNC
  • Open the terminal application
  • Type repocli shell and then push enter
  • Type login and then push enter
  • Enter your RU username (u1234567@ru.nl) and then push enter
  • Enter your RU password and then push enter
  • Push y and then push enter
  1. Download the Data Sharing Collection to Your Home Directory
  • Type get dccn/DSC_3010000.05_519 /home/groupname/firlas