Goals of Data Management After Analysis

Now, you have fully finished with you analysis and write up. Perhaps your article has been accepted for publication or perhaps you have decided that it is no longer worth pursuing. Either way, your goal at this stage is to ensure that the work you have done and the data you have collected is preserved. The space available on Central Storage is finite and, therefore, if you are not using the data anymore all files will be removed from the project folder.

Making Data FAIR

In this form, the DSC should contain the following in BIDS format:

  1. All of the (anonymized) processed data which, when analyzed by your scripts, produces the results you have reported.
  2. All of the processing scripts which transformed the raw data (in your DAC) into the processed data (in your DSC)
  3. Metadata conceptually describing how and why you have processed the data in the way you have done and which scripts do what to the data
  4. Metadata describing when and where the data was collected
  5. Metadata describing the partcipant sampling procedure, which subjects were excluded from analysis, and why