Pseudonymization Keys


Pseudonymization Keys enable researchers to connect personal data to anonymized research data. When stored using BIDS format, research data will be organized at the subject level - though these subject identifiers should not be sufficient to determine the subject’s identity. The pseudonymization key is what allows a research to connect the subject’s personal (i.e. potentially identifying) information to their research data.


We recommend that you store pseudonymization keys in either your home or groupshare drive: it must NEVER be stored in the project folder. The pseudonymization key should be password protected. Access to the pseudonymization key (i.e. sharing of the password) should be given on a strictly need-to-know basis.

Delegation of Authority Log

The delegation of authority log is designed to track the roles and responsibilities of all researchers. Using this log will assist you in determining who needs to have access to the pseudonymization key.