Data Sharing Collections¶

Data Sharing Collections contain processed data and analysis scripts. Its purpose is to enable researchers to share data to other researchers. Thus, they reanalyze the data with new methods and/or address new research questions. There are two kinds of Data Sharing Collections: private and public. Public Data Sharing Collections are available for download for all researchers at These collections must be completely anonymized and may not contain any potentially identifying information. Access to private Data Sharing Collections, like Data Acquisition Collections and Research Documentation Collections, must be granted by the collection’s manager.

Data Sharing Collections can be found at the Donders Repository with the following identifier:


Here DSC refers to Data Sharing Collection, 1234567.89 refers to the Project Number, and XXX can be any three random digits. These are not the same random digits as those in the Data Sharing Collection identifier or the Research Documentation Collection identifier for the same project.