Project Storage


The Project Storage is intended to house research data which you are actively using at any given time during the research project.


For Windows PCs connected to the Trigon Network, this is the P:\ drive (look under “Network” in File Explorer). For VNC Sessions on the HPC Cluster, this is the /project/ folder.

Project numbers are given in the format 1234567.89. Your project’s data will be located at P:\1234567.89\ on Windows PCs connected to the Trigon and the /project/1234567.89/ on the HPC Cluster.

Procedure to Obtain

Research at DCCN is organized by projects. Projects are assigned numbers after the Project Proposal Form is completed and approved.


Project Storage is distinct from Donders Repository collections: though they share the same project number, Project Storage is much easier to access. Further, Donders Repository collections have an additional underscore followed by 3 random digits at the end of the Project number.


Based on the storage you request in the Project Proposal Form, you will be given a quota of storage which cannot be exceeded in your project’s folder. Each research project, once approved, will be provided with a quota on the DCCN central storage allowing researchers to store and process the research data related to the project.

Using the DCCN Portal

You can use the new Portal to manage your project. Here, you will be able to see your project period and funding source. Additionally, below you can see the experimenters, upcoming lab bookings, progress on data acquisition, the amount of storage used by your project, and the data access roles of people involved in the project.